The Real Housewives of Kinser


This group is for all the wives of Camp Kinser, Okinawa Japan. Uncensored, unmonitored (for the most part) place to vent, and talk about anything you want. I have an open mind, and just ask that everyone does the same. If you don't like what somebody says, just ignore it...we're all adults.

With all that said, if things/posts start to get out of hand, they will be deleted at the discretion of the admins. We (admins) try to let things be as much as possible, but will step in when needed. Because the admins aren't able to "police" the page 24/7, feel free to email us and let us know so the situation can be resolved.

The admins try to have a topics during the week.

Monday - Community outreach and happenings- scouts, sports teams, church, gym co-op, work-out groups, events, wife get togethers, support groups, school information. if its for the community, you can post it here.

Thursday- Advertising. advertising of any kind. home business, consultants, business events, sports teams if you would like (please pick 1 day not both), companies, anything else that might be considered advertising or promoting that does not fall in a category above.

Please keep the the advertising day unless its a special that starts between postings and will end before the next posting, If it is a consistent sale that starts and ends before postings, a reminder about them should be posted on the advertising post rather then the weekly posts to the wall. Thank you.

Friday- Positive Post. something to get the weekend started of on a good foot.