1) In the interest of fairness, first come first serve should apply – NOTE first come first served, does not necessarily mean whoever asks first, it can also mean whoever collects first, please specify in your post if it’s a “Whoever comes and gets it now can have it” scenario

2) All members MUST be over 16.

3) Please (try) and write taken on your post when it is gone, all posts 10 weeks old will be deleted anyway! (You will not be banned for not writing taken, I realise we all have lives and Fb is not central to it, hence the 10 week delete rule)

4) Please put all pics in an album, it keep the page clean. – Again, I realize not always possible and this is not a banning offence.

5) No Shows – If you have a No Show, please feel free to PM an admin with that person name – 3 reported no shows without contact is a banning offence.

6) This is not a place of you to air your greivances or complaints – if you have an issues with ANYONE admin or member, pm that person, or pm an admin about it – if you post any rude/derrogatory/distasetful/aggressive/nasty comments on the group wall, you will be banned instantly.

7) This is not a “Charity” forum, items posted on here are for the community – this is not because I, the admins, or the group are anti-charity. There are many fantastic charities doing great work and they have their own pages, this is not it.

8) No sob stories, if you want it, say you do. – Trying to undercut another person by saying you need it more, or that you want it for a needy family is just undignified and a little classless. Everyone asking for things on here needs them, if they had the money to buy it, they would have bought it.

9) Please don’t take things you don’t need/ If you find you do not have a use for an item, do NOT throw it away, re-post it. – if we discover anyone is throwing away items they receive for free from this group, they will be banned immediately and permanently.