Lebanon PA, Infant and Toddler

This group is soley for the sale/swap for items for infants and toddlers under the age of 4...everything seems to be jumbles all together and finding that particular item that you may be looking for is next to impossible.....this is a drama free zone....please keep it that way!

1) ANY1 starting DRAMA on the SITE will be BANNED !

2) this site is 2 buy/sell baby/toddler stuff , NOT to air out ur dirty laundry

3) if u have a problem make a Admin aware in a PM & if u feel the need to fight with each other do it in a PM NOT on the site page !

4) you do not have to be from Leb to buy or sell on this site , BUT you must be willing to come to Leb in a REASONABLE time frame !

Reruns Consignments & Traci Kreiser-Long <-----Admins