Freecycle Derry NH (And Surrounding towns)


The only rule is everything MUST be free!

All posts selling items online or advertising a yard sale to sell items...will be deleted. Again, everything offered or requested must be free.

Please delete posts when items are gone.

Thank you for being a member of the Freecycle Derry NH group.


"I have not been able to post to Freecycle for some unknown reason, so I decided to make this group! Please invite all your friends in the area!
The only rule is everything MUST be free! Do you have lotions, or body wash you got in a gift set and never used, or only used a few times? Candles, toys your children never play with anymore? Maybe you got some new plates or other kitchen things and don't have room for the old stuff.
The point of this is to try to keep things that can still be used out of land fills! Someone who makes candle might be able to use all your 1/2 burned candles that you don't use anymore. Or maybe you have a bunch of baby food jars that you've collected for some reason, but don't intend to use them! Lots of things can be re-purposed! :D
I hope you all can get use out of this group! "

Kris Medina, Admin/Owner