Open Social Den Bosch Group

Open & Social Den Bosch is founded from a group of people who were active in CouchSurfing. Where as Den Bosch was rather small for just only CouchSurfing and where the site didn't really support to promote events good, they though this Page will help people find out about Meetings.

Check out page at:

In reality, this page will provide for every kind of meeting a good foundation to connect to those who like this page. It would be a sort of spider in the web of networks like
- CouchSurfing (
- CS Group on FB (
- BeWelcome
- Hospatility Club
- Meet Up (
- etc

Feel free to get in touch with Wesley Brosens to aquire information or to ask for tips to promote your event.

-- Guidelines

1. Please Post things about social events in or nearby Den Bosch.
2. Do Not Post or Comment repetitively the same issue
3. Do NOT Post or Comment about commercial activities that involves entry fee or subcription fee OR which only has interest to a very small group of people
4. Do NOT Post or Comment about Housing or Accomodation. You better address your issues in the FB Group: