Fashion Students at Stockholm University

This group is for all students of Fashion Studies at Stockholm University, and is intended to function as a link between the Student Council and the students, while at the same time act as a channel to keep you updated on all the latest information regarding your studies, as well as upcoming events, exhibitions and all things fashion!

Contact info:

Current members:

Charlotte Neckmar, President
Lisa Gondolatsch , Vice-President, Student Officer Equal Opportunities
Elin Melander, Treasure, Representative to Faculty Council
Charlie Hartshorn, Secretary
Yuka Ikeda, Student Officer Educational Environment
Moa Hanning, Appreciated member
Theo Sternehäll, Appreciated member
Rosa Cruz, Representative to Department Board
Karin Lundin, Representative to Department Board
Johanna Ekström, Student Officer Equal Opportunities
Merel Toorn, Student Officer Equal Opportunities
Satu Holopainen, Student Officer Equal Opportunities
Maja Böhler, Webmaster
Gustav Fröjdh, Webmaster
Rocio Garrido, Webmaster