Bangor Uni Pole Members 2014/2015

This group is for current members only, if you are interested in Bangor Uni Pole and in keeping up to date with us, please like our page instead:

Bangor Uni Pole (BUP) is Bangor university's very own, brand new pole society!
Pole is all about combining dance, fitness, flexibility and gymnastics into one amazing sport which will have you hooked forever.

With pole studios popping up everywhere around the world in the last 20 years, and 23+ Pole societies at UK universities to date, we thought it was about time Bangor University joined in on the fun.
If you would like to know more about what Pole is, or what Bangor Uni Pole is all about, please do not hesitate to contact us: or visit our website (which will soon be up and running!)

The opening of Tracy Huckfield’s, Pagan’s Pole, Dance and Circus Academy in Bangor earlier this year has made it possible for BUP to exist! We will be running all classes at the studio, with Tracy lending us her time, and giving us a fantastic price.
We started classes in November 2012, running only the beginner course for the first 10 weeks and then both the beginner and more advanced course in the second semester.

If you have no pole experience or have only had a few classes before this would be the level for you.
Higher Intermediate/Advanced
This is for the dancer/athlete that has had a bit more pole or aerial experience and can comfortably invert as well as climb the pole. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what category you fit in – contact us and we will explain the levels further to you.

The number of students for each class is 15 maximum – there will be a standard of 2/3 students per pole. There will also be instructor-assistants at hand for each class, and so a great level of support and a fun and friendly atmosphere.
All classes are mixed gender and pole is definitely not a girl only sport! We would however like to point out that we will take a no nonsense approach to anybody who misinterprets the society or breaches the Union’s Zero Tolerance against Discrimination policy, as we are serious about the wellbeing and safety of our members.

So get in contact, get involved and come join us at BUP!