Hale and Altrincham General

This group is designed for anyone in Hale, Altrincham and any surrounding areas to buy and sell new or used GENUINE items easily and cheaply. Have fun, be respectful and remember this group is public. Feel free to invite your local friends to join and please note the following before joining or using the group:
- PLEASE do not use the group for advertising commercial businesses, activities or classes - regardless of its nature. Repeated posts from members will be asked to leave the group.
- Please use a photograph to help show your item clearly and accurately.
- The seller is responsible for the correct and accurate description of the item and its condition including pricing the item. The buyer is responsible for collection, delivery/receiving items and payment.
- It would be sensible to send private messages when making arrangement for collection/delivery as the group is public, it will avoid displaying addresses and contact numbers.
- NO illegal, stolen, counterfeit, obscene or banned goods can be traded on this board. Those doing so will be reported.
- No spamming of the board with repeat messages. If the administration feels that someone is spamming or posting things not relevant to the site, they will be warned and repeat offenders banned.
- Please be respectful of each other. Negative or personal comments will not be tolerated and it is up to the members involved to resolve and disputes privately - the administration will not get involved.
- Please create an album to display posts, if posting more than 10 at a time/day.
- When your item has been sold, please remove it from the page.
- The administration will not become involved with any pricing disputes or discussions.
- Anyone found to be breaking the rules risks being removed and banned from the site.
- Thank You and Happy Selling!