Help me get to Sri Lanka to help save the Animals!!

My name is Ilona, I´m a final year veterinary student from Norway studying in Košice, Slovakia. I will be graduating, June 2015, as a qualified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.

After my degree I would like to travel to Sri Lanka for two weeks to help the Blue Paw Trust (BPT) with their "population control towards eradication of rabies" program.

The Blue Paw Trust (BPT) was set up in 2003. They provide free or low cost spay/neuter programs and other services based on population control efforts towards eradication of rabies from Sri Lanka. Subsequent to the Tsunami of December 2004 the fear of rabies outbreaks spread throughout the affected coastal areas and BPT – in collaboration with Worlds Society Protection of Animals (WSPA) – run two mobile veterinary clinics to sterilize and vaccinate dogs in these regions.

In order to continue their valuable work the BPT depend solely on time, skills, and money from their volunteers, and I would therefore be honoured to be able to go to Colombo, Sri Lanka to help. I would be participating as a veterinary surgeon in spaying/neutering stray dogs/cats and also providing the animals with medical care as well as helping people who cannot afford to pay for their pet's medical bills. I would also gain more experience as a veterinary surgeon for the future.

My goal is to help make a difference in this world by saving the lives of both animals and humans, as rabies is a disease with a very high fatality rate, which takes many lives each year! By helping me get to Sri Lanka I will be able to help the BPT with their effective and humane animal welfare population management programme.

As a full time student living on a student loan, whilst sitting my final exams and writing my thesis, I am not able to fund all the money myself.

I am hoping to raise £2000; any extra will go to the BPT.

£1400 is for the 2 week course including:

Transfers to/from airport including transport throughout the 2 weeks to/from clinic and around Colombo with the mobile clinic;
all surgical and medical equipment;
and my accommodation.
The extra £600 is to cover:

my flights;
and food/drink for the 2 weeks.

Please have a look at BPT's website to learn more about this and their other projects:

I will also set up a blogg page just before i leave for Sri Lanka where it will be possible to follow me on a daily basis working with the animals!

I appreciate any amount of money, thank you for taking time and donations.

If you have any questions please email me: