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Welcome to Bury Bidding - Online Auction House.

Admin Team:
Matt Kun Hillyard
Vicki Lou
Lynette Robinson

This is how it works:

Post an item you wish people to bid for. All auctions end when seller decides.

°Your post must state the starting bid

°Having a reserve is optional, if your item sells for lower than expected without a reserve, that's your own fault and the item must be granted or you will be removed from the group.

°Location MUST be included in post in this format "BL8" or "M26".

°All posts must include pictures unless cleared by an admin.

°If seller can post/deliver items, please state this on the post along with cost and areas

Post Format:

Baby Car Seat
Starting Bid (£1)
PU(O) (BL8)
Auction End (date and time)
Delivery/Post to Bury/Whitefield £1.50 and Radcliffe for £2 or Collection Free


°Please PM and admin with the reserve for your item at the time of posting. This will remain confidential between us and you. Listing will not be approved without this.

°If a reserve is met, please type "Reserve Met" in the comments. If you don't, admin will.

°Once you've bidded, if you wish to retract your bid, please PM and admin for them to delete your bid. Removing yourself could result in being kicked from the group. Retracting bids can not be done 48hours from auction end.

°Don't post personal details in comments, only in PM after auction end.

°Failure to collect item as arranged from seller may result in item being re-listed.

°Please only post bids in the items comments (not general chit chat) we have several posts for general chatting.

Once you've read this, please like. It indicates it has been read :)

That's covered the serious side of things...

Happy Bidding!