Fans of Dr. Jewel Pookrum

Connecting folks who have been inspired by Dr. Jewel Pookrum!

A... few years back (circa 1990s), Dr. Pookrum frequently lectured on disease and states of consciousness, the politics of the pharmaceutical industry, the spiritual, mental and emotional components in healing, activating (or deactivating) one's full genetic capacity, healing uterine fibroids, taking ownership for one's own state of health or disease and melanin, the chemical that determines skin pigmentation in humans.

Her ideas are simply one viewpoint out of many and are up for discussion--but definitely worth listening to in full and researching before making final conclusions.

All in all, if we are to survive on an ever evolving planet, it is important that we master ourselves and see how our own bodies respond to the things that she and others suggest rather than allowing big pharmaceutical corporations and "health" companies to determine what we do with our bodies and what we do not.


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