Mammy's Breastfeeding Chat Group (Ireland)

A group where you can chat about all things breastfeeding whether you are breastfeeding exclusively or part-time -please see our local chat groups document for further information on local breastfeeding groups here on facebook where you can get further support and information on local real life support groups, local events and local information relevant to breastfeeding. You might even make some new breastfeeding buddies!!!

Those hoping to breastfeed are very welcome too!

Every breastfeed is beneficial!!! Please remember that not everyone here is exclusively breastfeeding, not everyone will share your parenting style or have the same take on things. Not everyone will have the same breastfeeding goals. If we aim to share information (provide links to articles etc), offer support through tough times and share our personal experiences to help others or suggest a different approach, we can hopefully avoid insulting anyone or having them feel judged in any way. If you can't say something positive or a topic is too sensitive for you to comment on calmly, please move on to the next thread! "Heated" discussions should be left to other forums please.

Please add anyone you know who is breastfeeding -and please do check out your county's breastfeeding group to help build a local breastfeeding community.