Pokemon 3DS League Challenge

Pokémon 3DS League Challenge

Welcome Challengers to the Pokémo...n 3DS League group page! Here, you’ll find everything that you need to know to participate and progress through our 3DS League Challenge. The idea behind our challenge is to allow those that enjoy the 3DS Pokémon games (X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire) an alternative and competitive end-game progression that doesn’t demand as much time and knowledge as the other competitive alternatives. We’ve established a progression system, backed with rules and regulations, which allow for an enjoyable and unique experience for all; while allowing each member (challenger, gym leader, and elite four alike) to develop everlasting friendship with each other and their Pokémon.

We strived to create a League that resembled more of an in-game approach that allows for all to use our favorite Pokémon in competitive way. We ask that each member understands that not everyone who plays Pokémon has the time, or desire, to compete in the traditional competitive leagues (Smogon, VGC, etc.) but would still like to be involved in a community that challenges and trains with each other, has a sense of progression, and allows for them to use that favorite Pokémon of theirs that wouldn’t make the cut for competition otherwise.

We will be working to ensure that everyone is following the rules, having a great time, and it is developing as a strong and friendly community.

Rules and regulations (for the community page and gameplay League rules), applications for challengers and League members, and links to other related pages can be found under ‘Pinned Posts’.

And again, welcome challengers and good luck!