3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Parents!!!

Welcome to 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Parents !!!

This group has been created to provide accurate information, education, mentoring, support, friendship and prayer to 3/7 parents, step parents, grandparents and certain extended family members authorized by their Marine/Sailor to receive Battalion Info. This is the only Command sanctioned parent group. There is a seperate group for spouses, fiancees and girlfriends of 3/7 Marines; for information about how to find that group, please contact the Family Readiness Officer.

When posting please be mindful of Operational Security ("OPSEC"). Feel free to read and/or copy the PERSEC/OPSEC doc provided. If you have any questions about OPSEC, feel free to message me.

When you request to join this group, I will send you a message regarding the steps needed to join. If you do NOT have a msg option on your facebook profile (for non fb friends), you will need to send a message to me on my profile so I can inform you of the process or provide me with your email address via private message so that I can email you about what I will need in order to confirm you before adding you to the group.

Feel free to send me the names of other 3/7 parents/extended family who would like to join this group. I would also like all 3/7 parents and family members to send me a friend request. I established the profile I use to administer this group so that I could get to know and become friendly with all the 3/7 family members. Please help me spread the word about this group to out 3/7 family members.

About me: I am a proud father of a Marine who has been serving in the 3/7 for the past two years. My son Chris is in H&S Company and was part of the 2013-14 Afghanistan deployment. My wife Shelley and I live in New York.

If you have any questions, concerns, requests for prayer, just need to chat or vent, this is the place to do so. Feel free to contact me privately at any time as well. My work and cell phone numbers as well as a dedicated e-mail address that I use solely for the 3/7 Family Readiness Team is posted below as well as on my profile page.

Our Marines/Sailors have each other's backs! We, their parents and extended family members must have the backs of our Marines/Sailors but also each other's backs at all times. There will be times over the next year that will be hard, very, very, very hard for our Marines and for each of us. It is important that we support our Marines/Sailors but also each other as well. My hope is that we will form a close knit community and that we will always be there for each other.

Our Marines/Sailors volunteered for duty; we were drafted!

They live by Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful.
We live by Semper Gumby! Always Flexible!!!

Faithfully yours,
Harry S. Davis
3/7 FRT Parent Advisor
e-mail: harry.davis37@hotmail.com or harry.davis@srz.com
Work Phone: 212-756-2222
Cell Phone: 917-488-7882 (for emergencies)