Forgotten Australian Survivors

This group has been set up for all those who would like to be get involved or participate in one way or another to help lobby the Federal and State Governments for the following.

Efecient and on going Medical & Dental Care

Provision of Adequate Services (Much more funding that what has already been given)

Redress for all Forgotten Australians

Priority Housing for those who can not afford thier own home or the high cost of rental

A Health Card similar to the Gold Card that the War Veterans have acquired. This will not only cover Health & Dental but will also include public transport, and other forms of transport used to help obtain and gain access to Health Care.

Royal Commission into All Forms of Child Abuse in both Religious and State run Orphanages & Childrens Homes such as:

Systematic Rape – Forcing children to undergo invasive procedures including but not limited to procedures involving a children’s genitals, the experimentation of de provera & other drugs and skin grafting.

Experimentation on Children in institutions – An investigation into whether payment/donations were received by the institutions involved.

Lack of dental care and other medical care.

Child labour and where and who those profits went too.

Lack of formal education or preparation for life outside of the institution.

Religious brain washing, extreme physical/psychological/emotional/sexual abuse and torture.

Children buried in unmarked graves.

Long term life time effects of the damage done to children in institutions including the high volume of suicides of children in institutions before and after their time in a home

Crimes against children that break the conditions of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This group is not just about attending Protests, as we know it is not possible for many due to disability, distance and travel costs. It's about bringing awareness and educating the Public, Government and Churches on how they can be of assistance to the Forgotten Ausralians. Whether that be through Protests, Letters, Emails, or any other forms of communicaion that will assist us achieve our aims to relieve the suffering and improve the lives of the Forgotten Australian. Last of all but not least to gain some dignity and respect that we were never given as children.

This group is also for family and friends and any one else that is sympathetic to our cause and would like to jump on board and help us to achieve our aims.