Flushing & Montrose Area Buy-sell-trade

ATTN: If you have items that are for sale that have not had any activity for over a month they will be deleted if you do not "bump" them. I will be doing this in the next couple days as we have a lot of new members!
* Only comment/bump intentionally 5 items or 1 album in a 24 hour period.
* Once your item is SOLD, REMOVE it. (If you are mobile and can't, please message admin)
* If you are not from the Flushing or Montrose area DO NOT SELL OR BUY. Unless you are willing to meet in OUR area.
*Please alert the all the admin if you experienced a no show and if it happens three times the you will be removed from the site.
*Please let the admin know of any fraudulent website link on our page and they will be removed.
* If there are items on this page that are 2 weeks or more old and have had no activity in that 2 weeks they could be removed by an admin
*Once a price is agreed on, do not raise your price at the meeting place. If admin gets a message you will be deleted/banned from our page.
*Please no drama*
*All car seat ads must include expiration date, or will be deleted from site. NO EXPIRED CAR SEATS ARE TO BE POSTED ON OUR SITE (See safety note below)
****Attn: All the work-from-homes business members**** Please only advertise your product every TWO weeks and delete all older posts. Also if you do not include the name of your business and only post to personal message for more details this will be deleted. Any questions please message me, and as always use caution when contacting a work at home business and do your research. As admins we try to "screen" all new members to prevent any fake profiles.

*meet in a public area - let someone know who you are meeting and where
*Exchange cell numbers in case of a change or running late as not everyone has a smart phone and can check facebook
*DO NOT post the time and date and location you are meeting, due this through private message or text messages
*When buying items it is important to consider the safety aspect of them especially items meant for children. For example baby/child car seats expire & it is almost impossible to know if it has ever been in an accident. Items could have been recalled & are unsafe to use so check with the manufacturer. Be sure to research & understand those risks to keep your family safe.

Please tag the person or admin if you sent them a message, facebook doesn't always notify you that a message is in your "other" folder.

Admin of the group site is not responsible for anything sold or bought including anything broke,stained, etc...it's the buyers responsibility to check over the items they are purchasing and agreeing to a price. We are here to approve new members and delete anyone that is not following the rules and fake profiles.