Russia HSCT for MS & Autoimmune Diseases

Welcome to Russia HSCT for MS & Autoimmune Diseases forum! This group was created for individuals that are seeking to halt their disease by receiving Hematopioetic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) in Russia. There are other groups for other HSCT locations and interests, however, this forum is created for information specific to Russia. If you have questions or concerns that are specific to Russia, please feel free to post on this site. There are individuals on this forum that have completed the treatment (or are currently undergoing treatment) who may be able to answer your questions or provide their insight. We ask that you please keep your questions and/or posts related to the Moscow, Russia facility only, as all documents on this page are directly related to procedures in Russia.

If you have questions regarding HSCT facilities in other countries, please refer to the general HSCT forum. Again, welcome and thank you for joining our group.