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Steven Modder
John Freeley
Jr Vasquez...
Jerry R Johnson
Thomas Prato

Nothing is free and no advertising without my say so enjoy your stay and remember must show valid and real proof u can Infact mod if no proof is provided u will be kicked
Please read the rules!
1. No Spamming.
2. No Advertising Unless Your on legit list.
3. Dont advertise on others posts. Make your own.
4. Keep Language to a minimal.
5. Need Assistance? Contact Staff.
6. Dont Be Disrespectful to Staff and Other Members. Were here to have fun.
8. Report Scammers to Admins.
How to get on the legit list
1. Ccapi Proof is Not allowed anymore.
1.1. You must join a game with an admin and we'll just show him U can mod "rtm/menu" what ever u can do show him best option would be rtm on bo2 or even gta so if you want in please pm a admin or comment asking for one Bo2 And Gta two best to get on legit list.

Legit List
Steven Peters (xbox) Server seller
Brady Vera (xbox)
Chris Van Scott
Thomas Maxwell (xbox)
Aj Haythe
John Freeley (ps3)
Michael Moddz (xbox)
David Gallo
Zay Gee (xbox)
Steve Maloan (xbox)
Thomas Prato (xbox,ps3)
Nate Bobenrieth (xbox)
Terrence Mills (xbox)
Kris Bruh (xbox)
Ehtosham Javed (xbox) server seller

you must join this group and provide proof