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Share every moment in your life with other people to other world, with your photography. As you know, before this group was Art Photo Gallery, but for more general and public subject in photography world, we changed the name.

The goal of this group is only one, carry and publicize the works of photographers in the country to be introduced in Europe, starting in Belgium. Priority activities in Europe and in the country (Indonesia) only supporting. There is no competition among the group photo. All for the betterment of Indonesian culture

LIKE if we have respect with amazing photowork from other member
COMMENT if we care... We can give every great tips to each other as a processing to be the best photographer.

Please upload 3 photos for daily in album weekly Stylus Photo Gallery, basic from the categories, soft editing, watermark without breaking the picture, and without frame/border.

If member only put name in group but no activities and share nothing at group then this member will be removed. We just keep our community warm, familiar and full love in family Stylus Photo Gallery.

::::Please do not use other people photowork:::

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- Nieuwpoortsesteenweg - 8400 Oostende Belgium
- JL. Kolonel Masturi, Pamecelan RT 02 RW 14 Sukajaya - Lembang Bandung Barat Indonesia
- Banjar Gambang, Jinengdalem Kajanan, Buleleng, Singaraja - BALI 81115 Indonesia.

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