The OverStay

The Overstay is ever-growing and making lots of friends.

The O...verstay is a massive building in Bangkok with 6 floors of surprises all the way to the rooftop.

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The ground floor houses the bar with a range of cheap drinks (Leo, Chang, Cocktails,Spirits, Soft Drinks, Tea, Coffee and Shakes) and great varied music. Live musicians, bands and dj's play and we actively encourage musical and artistic expression.

The air-con bar includes a pool table, free wi-fi, a book exchange and sofas.

We have a huge collection of independant art house films and documentaries. We have the projector and sound system to make 'Overpeep Cinema'.

On the way upstairs you will find the guest house, with a range of private rooms and an open plan dormitory.

An art gallery displaying street art paintings sculptures.. .spreads itself out from the third floor which also contains office space for those wishing to work.

Finally a roof top area with a garden and hammocks is perfect for some chill time whilst in Bangkok.

The Overstay is a relaxing place for travellers residents and attracts interesting people. It's culture allows people to freely express themselves and contribute in any way they wish from music, art, cuisiine, bar-room banter language exchange to even DIY..

This constant blend of interseting, friendly talented people together with a helping of spontanity makes this place special.