Ancient Egypt and Present Egypt

Group rules in order to ensure a peaceful coexistence:

1. This is NOT a place for discussions about the current politics, religions or skin colors etc. pp. There are plenty of other groups where these discussions are welcomed at Facebook. In this group only subjects of Ancient Egypt are treated. Actually pictures from egyptian sights are also welcome.

2. We will not tolerate rudeness, insults, disrespect the members themselves or posting pornographic images / videos or posts that have nothing to do with Egypt. Should members stand out by such behavior, they will be removed from the group and blocked. Unwanted posts and comments will be deleted by admin.

3. In this group is also no place for commercial and advertising will be deleted immediately.

4. A big request to all members: Should you see posts or commentaries that do not comply with the group rules, then we would be grateful if you could mark us in the appropriate post or in which your reports the contribution from us, then we are able to intervene more quickly. While we try to fly over all the posts, but we have a full-time job and it would be great if you could assist me in this case.

Thank you