120 Mile, 10 Man Relay at Heidelberg University

Hey everyone! This summer, Heidelberg University will be hosting a 10-person, 120 mile relay on July 17th. It will be held on the track at Heidelberg University from 7pm to 7am the next morning. I would like to get a couple teams together and tackle this relay!

The way it works is that each team has up 10 members. Each person will run ONE mile on the track and hand off a baton to their next team member, until each person on the team has ran one mile, then the first person runs again. So each runner will run 12 times, if you have 10 people on each team. Teams can be as small as 2 or as large as 10! You have a total of 12 hours to complete the 120 miles.

As from what I know right now is that the entry fee will be about $20 per person. But if you are coming from the Buffalo area, like me, the cost will be around $60 for transportation, food, etc.

I would really like to get a team or two together, if possible! I think it would a lot of fun and an awesome experience. So, if you have any questions about this, don't be afraid to ask me. Text me at 716-628-5953 or messaging is good too