Brown County Tx Pets And Surrounding Areas(For Sale, Wanted, Free, Or Lost)

Making some changes. No breeders, stud offers, or anything breeding related will be allowed here. All posts for breeding or rehoming fees for more than $150 will be removed. Repeat offenders will be removed/blocked from the group. No Rehoming of puppies or kittens younger than 8 weeks! Please don't ask for more than $25 for an animal with no vetting! I encourage you to add a small adoption fee to animals looking for homes. This helps make sure they go to good homes. IF you feel the home is good & legit, you can even waive the adoption fee all together.

You may bump your post ONCE every 24 hours. Lost/Found posts can be bumped every 4 hours. Excessive bumping to keep your post at the top of the page will result in that post being removed.

When posting pics...please collage or add ONE single pic rather then several. It easy to get 1 animal in 4 pics mistaken for 4 different animals. Facebook pages like this limit the photo data it has so the more pics, the more data it uses up....once that data limit is GONE. We don't want that. It's been hard enough to delete old pics.

IF the animal is adopted, rehomed, rescued, unfortunately gone, eu'd.....MARK IT PLEASE and I will delete the post & pics.

Please keep an eye on posts already posted and try not to post the same shared post or repost the same thing over & over. It eats up the picture data for a page, facebook only allows so much & I'd like to keep the page open for all to use.

No drama what so ever. Drama = removal. We are all adults & there is no need for drama. This is a pet page, here for rehoming, adopting & finding lost/stolen/missing pets and pet related items, pet events, pet info, helpful tips, etc......

We are all adults here & need to act it. We are here, on this page, for the well being of animals.....if not, you are on the wrong page & I'm sorry. If you have a disagreement with someone the group, PM them and keep it off the page! If we see bickering on a thread, those comments will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be removed/blocked from the group.

If anyone blocks an admin, they will be removed from the group!