Team Fox News

Team Fox News has been accepted as the USA's representative in the international beach ultimate tournament Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar.
The idea behind the team is take team of 'mericans with a high level of frisbee to take Costa Brava. We will make a "fair and balanced" attack; excelling both on the field and in the party. While it is true we will not have much time to practice together, I'm not worried. Like Papa Bear Bill O'reilly once said, "WE'LL DO IT LIVE!!"

While the original idea of the team was to make it up nearly completely of Americans traveling to spain for the tournament, the majority of the interested parties canceled, leaving a sole traveller, one Eric "Pig Pen" Meyer.
The idea now is to gather forces from our fellow ex-pats. Normally our talent is dispersed throughout the country, and we spend a lot of time spreading the "good word" of ultimate to the people. This team is an opportunity for us to spend the first weekend of spring break getting back to our roots, kicking back, and playing some great frisbee with our countrymen & women (and Mercy).