The Music - Official Facebook Group

Welcome to the official Facebook Group for The Music. This is th...e place where you can find out what we're up to and hear what we're thinking. It's fucking great to be a part of this and we're glad to have you with us.

We've been together as people for most of our lives and as a band for the past 6 years. It's been a hell of a journey - Two albums and hundreds of gigs around the world which have been a pleasure to share with those of you who have been there.

Now is a particularly exciting time for us. Our lives have changed so much since we started this fresh from school and went straight on the road. The two years since our second album "Welcome To The North" have been challenging times. We've been working out who we are, sorting our personal lives and trying to push ourselves to write an album that we and other people can believe in. It's been a difficult process at times, but it's been well worth the struggle. The ideas and inspiration we're finding now are stronger than ever. This feels fresh and exciting and we can't wait to share what we're making with people.

We've always known that we can be a great band. Our ambition for our music spans way beyond where we've taken it so far, and in a way, it feels like we are just ending the first chapter of our story and turning the page to the start of the second. In that spirit we've just signed to a new label (Polydor). Finding a new home has been part of this feeling of renewal. It's invigorating to find people who share our passion and belief.

As a band, we don't feel like the music we are hearing and seeing out there is particularly exciting or inspiring. We want to be a part of changing that and hope with our next album we can bring something to the party that isn't out there at the moment.

Lets make these times special again.

See you out there

The Music.