The Papua New Guinea University of Technology

In supporting the vision and mission of the Office of the 2014 SRC President the Social Media & Communications Unit views the use of social media as an integral way in which it can engage with its key stakeholders – that is inclusive of the its partners, the business community, local, provincial and national governments, both the national and international community, academic staff, citizens of these university, the local campus community and above all the students.

While the SRC encourages well informed, highly intellectual scholarly discussion, “flame wars” are not constructive or professional and are therefore not condoned. For example in an event that critical issues are posted on University social networks for discussion, a high level of professionalism must be portrayed. Simply put let me say that social ethics and emotional intelligence must control the all public debates. Be mindful that it is not only about promoting a free and democratic debate, but it is also about protecting that free and democratic debate.