झापा, ईलाम, पाँचथर, ताप्लेजुङ्ग, मोरङ्ग तथा नेपाली समाज

Dedicated To All Nepali people who want change:
We have all witnessed and seen things in Nepal that doesn't happen in other parts of the world.
We live smiling amongst our problems,
We live amongst Corruption , shortage of fuel , power cuts , transportation strikes , educational strikes , household crimes , social ineqaulity etc etc... most of all we live in ignorance.
we are the world's top ten most riskiest country in terms of earthquake;
we face natural disasters every year but is the relief enough.
Worst of all people here die of diarrhoea ...
Are we still not living on the middle ages ?
Our pride about Mount Everest , Buddha , land of brave warriors Gurkhas is one thing but is it not time to move on...
We have become good at one thing : blaming people;
( politicians blaming each other..... and people blaming the politicians)
But isn't this absolute stupidity ?
If you too believe that a feeling of responsibility on us can actually bring about some change;
please join this group and add people on your friend list on it.https://www.facebook.com/groups/394922227344004/