A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones TV Series!

Here we discuss book series And Game of Thrones TV series, and A song of ice and fire book series!

*Spoiler rules*
I notice there are a good few people here who may not see the episode the same time , so for the sake. Of all I am enditing the *spoiler* rule

You may not post any spoilery info till at least two days have passed since the show aired by American airtime. If you have an interesting thought and you CAN'T hold on to it please do the following, type *SPOILERS* then hit enter/return FIVE times (at least) to ensure any one reading it will be risking themselves the spoiler!

Also in regards to the books to tv adaptation , we have seen the show diverge from the original text a lot so therefore I ask that you keep your spoilery thoughts to a minimum, till after the episode airs, as long as you use the above rule!

Also. People let's discuss the episodes more and your thoughts please do not fear to share them!

Now have a pleasent day!