Courtney Moses EDGE Team

First off, let me start by saying WELCOME! We are grateful to have your expertise and excitement as a part of our group. This group is a resource center for every member in the Courtney Moses Organization. It will allow us to share trainings, promotions, and other team specific discussions. We know that our combined knowledge and effort will complement your business and essential oil use.

I work very hard to ensure that the content on this page is insightful and will help to teach and train those working with essential oils. Please enjoy, participate, and share the posts that you find helpful. If you have any requests or corrections please send me a message as I take your input very seriously.

Please ask any questions about health issues, specific essential oil products, or things pertaining to "sharing and earning". This is a great way for all of us to learn and grow together.

Please invite your team members to this group!

May you have Peace, Happiness and Joy in your Journey!
Courtney Moses