ZBT Alpha Alpha Chapter Alumni, Purdue University

Alumni Brothers,

The purpose of this group is to allow for alumni of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity to network, keep in touch with Brothers and establish relationships with other alumni. It will also be used to keep alumni updated on Chapter affairs as well as alumni programming and events.

I encourage you to stay involved with ZBT and of course the Alpha Alpha Chapter. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Please note the following:

1) If you are new to the group and have not already done so, please send your contact information to Alumni Chairman in order to keep our records updated. If your information changes, please let him know as well.

2) Contact information for all Chapter Advisors, Trustees & necessary Chapter Officers can be found in the note titled, “Chapter Advisors, Trustees & Officers" and will be updated upon any changes.

3)The Advisors, Trustees, current Chapter President as well the current Alumni Chairman of the Alpha Alpha Chapter will serve as the administrators of this group. Any Brother upon becoming an Advisor or Trustee will be added as an administrator. Upon transition of Chapter officers will the outgoing President please add the new President and will the outgoing Alumni Chairman please do the same for the new Alumni Chairman. Upon transition, please leave the group unless you are graduating. If you are the new Chapter President or Alumni Chairman, please update the note “Chapter Advisors, Trustees & Officers” to provide your contact information to the group. In addition and in accordance with the official Chapter Roster, the Alumni Chairman should please add all Alumni Brothers upon their graduation if it is in the winter. He should make sure to do the same for those Alumni Brothers upon their spring graduation before he leaves the group or adds the incoming Alumni Chairman.

I wish you continued success in your endeavors as a ZBT alumnus and remember, it's Great to be a Zebe!

Cordially, Fraternally and Sincerely,

Mike Easton

Founding President, Alpha Alpha Chapter