Job Vacancies Mauritius (Offres d'emploi a maurice) - Rod zot travail!

Greetings friends.
This group offers a platform for posting job vacancies in Mauritius.
We haven't created this group for our own benefit. Definitely not. We don't own any of the corporate posted.
The entire purpose of this group is to help our brothers and sisters to find a job and get some advice for interviews,writing cv, motivational letters.
Being a member, you will have to abide to certain rules:
-You should NOT post or comment using any vulgar language
-No one is authorized to post humiliating posts of any public figure. We are not here to criticize anyone.
- You should respect other members. Be polite!
-Spams shall be banned as soon as identified.
Esp spams about loan offers!
-Indecent posts shall be banned as well as the one who posted it
Overall,the rules listed are just obvious corporation we deem necessary in the benefit of everyone.
Still, if you think that we are being unfair by setting rules, let us know! :)