Christian American Patriots Militia

The foundations of our nation are Christian principles built upon the bedrock of Truth, not on the shifting sands of lies. (Matthew 27: 24-27) And our founding fathers accounted for these Christian values in our Constitution, values God provides to ensure freedom, including our rights and duty to bear arms against any government having a design to reduce us under absolute Despotism. Christian American patriots, such a design is now not only VERY EVIDENT, but is being RAPIDLY IMPLEMENTED, i.e., all the three branches of this government are now openly (arrogantly) violating and alienating our human rights which are the highest and foremost security measures of our nation---usurping all sovereignty.

And they, seeing our allegiance to our Constitution, are attempting to disarm us and claiming that we are "terrorists"---calling us evil. (Isaiah 5:20) These rogues and thugs are in fact supplanting our Constitution with a communist Oligarchy of corrupt political and legal elites. Christian American patriots, this is no time to be silent nor to sit. (Romans 1:16) We must NOW RISE and FIGHT VIGOROUSLY to protect our nation and our posterity. Your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren depend on you. We need no further evidence that those we trusted are not honoring their oaths: Their oaths are not sacred to them---abusing us and disobeying God. Therefore, it is time that we remove them from their duties. It is time to act; and we pray that God give us guidance as we do.

If you are a Christian who believes it is wrong to act against the "authority," you should remind yourself that the authority of our Republic is our Constitution, not the government. And do not be fooled: Our Constitution is not "flawed," as Obama claims---lying to violate the authority that binds him: Our Constitution is not "flawed" because it prohibits mob rule and dictatorship. Even justices in the U.S. Supreme Court are to be held accountable: Any act conflicting with our Constitution is not "CHANGE, but unconstitutional and therefore void.

And you need to be honest with yourself. God is the same yesterday, today and forever? (Hebrews 13:8). He used the army of Israel to slaughter untold numbers of men, women and children and can do that today. Obviously God tells us to seek peace, to love, to forgive, but you cannot relegate God to a "peace only" box. The fact is that God is unchanging, and inherent in that attribute is the very real possibility of Him calling for force, violence, and war -- and what is necessary in those actions are humans. We, are the facilitators of those actions. Sure, God can use other methods, but typically He used nations.

God judges time morally and He will use whatever He sees fit to accomplish His ends. So be prepared to wage war. And this is in fact why Obama has labelled Christians and other patriots as "terrorists," a lie to his army. Obama knows God may lead us to wage violent war in the defense of our Constitution.