Otisville HS Attendees & MVHS Friends

Post pictures and ask questions about the Mt. Hope Area -- this is not a group totally devoted to discussing the old school. Many topics and interests can be covered. We are especially interested in the maturity and growth of our former classmates. Any students that attended this school in the 50's,60's, and 70's are the target audience. It includes friends from MVHS. Pictures from Minisink may also be posted. Photos of your grand children and adventure stories of your lives are desirable.

Many people are here only to discuss and share our memories of the school as it existed before 1972 and some new people that went to only the Elementary School. This is not a group for local political debate. We use Mt. Hope United for that.

Otisville High School is now in the history books; but what was taught there was much more than the Three R's. The students of this small school learned to be a family and made life long friendships. They learned how to enjoy life as well as how to succeed in life. That was a gift we appreciate.

Admins: Lucky Ketcham, Larri Vreeland, Frank Ketcham.