Blue Dot PEI is part of an active and growing nationwide campaig...n working towards advancing environmental rights in Canada.

Around the world, more than 110 nations recognize the right to live in a healthy environment. But Not Canada.

The right to a healthy environment is the simple yet powerful idea that all Canadians deserve to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and eat healthy food.

Environmental rights could strengthen our laws, offer better access to information and ensure better public consultation in decision making on environmental issues.

There is a plan to create lasting change for generations:

People like you stand up. Neighbours come together to call upon their local communities to pass municipal declarations respecting people’s right to live in a healthy environment.

Communities come together to change a province, community by community, this movement will inspire decision-makers across our provinces and territories to take notice.

With so many communities calling for action from all levels of government, the next step is to have our provinces follow suit and pass environmental bills of rights. Provinces come together to change a nation.

When seven out of 10 provinces representing more than 50 per cent of the Canadian population have recognized our right to a healthy environment we turn toward the ultimate goal: amending the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Join the growing grassroots movement to protect our air, water and soil, and let's make history! Islanders deserve a future that is healthier and more secure. With people from all walks of life coming together, we can make it happen.

It is time to protect the people and places we love.