Clio,montrose, birch run virtual garage sale

Main Rules...

1. We have a zero tolerance for drama. If you have a problem with someone, send them a private message to try to work it out. If you don't want to talk with them directly, send an admin a message and let them deal with it. Don't start arguments with anyone and don't bash a person publicly on the site.

2. Bumping - "Bump" means Bring Up My Post, and we allow albums to be bumped every other day. Do not bump individual items in your album(s), only bump the entire album(s). A bump consists of any comment being made on an item and includes liking items, changing/lowering prices in the comments, and saying an item is still available if it wasn't already pending or looked to be spoken for. Items continuously being bumped will be removed without warning.

3. After you express interest in an item, please take your conversation to PM so that the post is not continuously being bumped to the top. This will also help so that everyone does not know where and when you are meeting, and let you keep better track of your swaps/meets.

4. Keep all appointments, arrangements and deals that you make.

* If someone fails to show up for a meeting, let an admin know. If you continuously fail to show up for scheduled meetings, you'll be removed.

* If you accept an offer or lower amount on an item, you can't turn around and sell to someone else that offers more or the original price later.

Other Rules...

-- If someone is tagged on your item please give them 12 hours to respond as they may not have access to respond at the time they are tagged.

-- If an interested person does not respond right away, please allow 24 hours for them to respond before moving on to the next person in line.

-- Auctions are acceptable ONLY if you state in the post that it is an auction. Then you must set an "end date and time" and may set a starting price.

-- If your post says OBO (or best offer), you need to make sure that you give time for others to make a higher offer or match if they were first.

-- After 30 days of no activity, that means if none of your items have interest or the album hasn't been bumped, it will be removed.

-- If Johnny is interested in buying from Sally, don't step in and tell Johnny you'll sell him one cheaper! Unaccepted and will get you banned.

-- If you live far away, you need to specify that and must do most of the travel, unless the buyer doesn't mind.
- if you have tons of items for sale please make a album and bump the album not the item.

This sites Owner/Admins are not responsible for any sales on this site. If someone sells you a broke item or not what you expected, it is up to the seller to offer a full refund. Remember to ask questions and look all items over before you buy. Items are considered As-Is. Any sold firearms is not the responsibility of the sites Owner/Admins. !!!