Accepted - University of Toronto Scarborough - CLASS OF 2017

This group is open to any students who are either planning to or attending UTSC in the Fall of 2013!

Take this opportunity to interact with peers, ask questions, learn about the university life awaiting you in a few months, and be sure to introduce yourself. We won't bite!


1. No spam. No advertisements.
First time is a warning, second time is a perma-ban, as so:

2. Want to sell a textbook? Good, Don't do it here! Here's some possible places:
Same rules, except it's not a permaban.

3. Have you made a group for a specific program? Cool! Message Bogdan Stanciu ( and he'll put it in this handy dandy description.

4. Yes we tolerate people who aren't first years. Don't run around being a pedant though.

UTorID questions:
If you don't have your Tcard yet- Go get it from the registrar. They'll give you a sheet with instructions on how to activate your utorid
Here's how to activate your UTmail:

Book questions:
Find your book lists here:

Do you HAVE to get the newest edition?
The best way to know is to just ask your teacher. Edition changes don't tend to be too radical, but you can usually tell by the difference between edition publication dates.

omg it's so expensive!
Buy Used! Buy from somewhere else! The book store tends to be more expensive (but not always) Always check these sites before committing to buying a new book: