Crossfit Agoge - Montrose, CO
Agoge (Ah-GO-Gi). What the hell does that mean? In Ancient Sparta, the Agoge was the state controlled education program that was required for essentially all emerging male citizens. The literal translation of Agoge is “upbringing.” The boys were taken from their households at the age of seven to live and learn alongside their peers all aspects of Spartan life. The Spartans were a devout military society. During their time in the Agoge, the students were trained in fitness, military tactics and survival. They were taught that in order to crush their enemies they had to both protect and depend on the men who stood beside them. For a very long time they were considered the deadliest fighting force in the entire world.

How does this apply to your fitness? At Crossfit Agoge we believe that our strength comes not only from ourselves, but from those who stand beside us. We are driven to excel through the encouragement of our peers, but even more so by the desire to keep up, or better yet, to improve upon their performance. If someone scores a better time than me then I congratulate him or her. Afterwards, I will proceed to do all that I can to crush that time. There are some good applications of peer pressure.

The Spartan “elite” were known by the term “Homoioi” (Home-oy-oy). The closest translation for this is peers, or similars. Not all Crossfitters have the same level of fitness, but we are cut from the same cloth. We all want to be better inside and out. We are not elitists here. Everyone is welcome. We ask only that you give your all, whatever that may be. Regardless of your starting point, from the elite athlete to the new mom, you will be amazed at what you can achieve. The Spartans had a saying when their warriors went into combat. As they left for battle they were told, “With your shield or on it.” In other words: return victorious, or die trying. At Crossfit Agoge we are committed to helping everyone reach their goals, either “with our shields or on them!”
- John and Kelly B., owners of Crossfit Agoge