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Xavi Slams Cristiano Ronaldo;
Says Lionel Messi Should Win
Ballon d'Or In a revealing interview with
Catalan daily newspaper Diario
Sport, Barça legend Xavi
Hernandez disclosed his picks for
this year's FIFA Ballon d'Or.
Spoiler: Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't
get his vote Xavi. To think we came so
close to losing you this summer
when both on and off the field,
we are so ill-prepared to let you
go. Where would we be without
your irreplaceable leadership in
the heart of midfield; Cesc
Fabregas and Ivan Rakitic have
both tried to replicate your role
here but they really haven't got
close. And in your absence, who
else would be so outspoken and
fiercely Barça?
In an interview with Catalan daily
Diario Sport, Xavi Hernandez
spoke at length about his
decision to stay at the Camp Nou
and perhaps more pertinently,
revealed who would have got his
vote for the upcoming FIFA
Ballon d'Or if he was Spanish
Unsurprisingly, it was Xavi's
teammate and all-round football
deity Lionel Messi, but after Messi,
Xavi rated the performances of
Philipp Lahm and fellow
Barcelona midfielder Javier
Mascherano ahead of the rest of
the footballing world. Including
runaway favourite and
Madridista darling, Cristiano
'The thing is, Cristiano didn’t
do much in the World Cup
and I think that in the year
of the World Cup that defines
much of the season.