Florida State University (FSU) Spring 2014 / Fall 2015

This group is for students willing to study at Florida State University for Spring 2014 / fall 2015

A group for all applicants to come together and help each other regarding GRE Preparation, Profile Evaluation, Admission Process, VISA, Scholarships, Roommates, Application Status, travel plans and Other things.

Clear your doubts regarding GRE, TOEFL etc.
Interact with Seniors.
Add your friends who are willing to join for Spring 2014/FALL 2015 and you can also add Seniors who are in US right now so they can help us. Please Don't add random people in this group.

"First of all, Add your details in Profiles document in Files section and then explore the group". ;)

~ Please refrain from profanity or abusive language of any kind against any fellow members. Please Do not Spam. Spammers will be Banned..!!

Best Regards,

Fellow Admins :)