Zurvita - Zeal For Life Coach

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Our product does not TREAT or CURE any disease.... If you have a concern related to our ingredients, always ask your doctor before using. What does Zeal Wellness do for your body? It gives your body over 120+ nutrients. What happens if you are eating and living healthy? It allows your body to be strong, so your body can protect you. It is your body that creates the miracles. It is why we need to take care of it. Make it a wonderful day!

A Zeal For Life coach is someone that will guide you along your journey to better health. He shows you how to optimize the Zeal For Life products, how to change up your lifestyle so it becomes wellness and not sickness. He is here for you. Our Zeal For Life coach is Peter Nielsen. He will be posting important information in this group to help you become the best that you can be and you can post questions as well.

Read his bio below:

Peter's life did not start out as the picture of health. At a young age, his triumph over a life-shattering disease propelled him to begin his dedication to health and fitness.

Now Peter is a world-renowned health and fitness expert with over 50 bodybuilding championship titles. He was named "Trainer of the year" by Self magazine and Muscle & Fitness magazine and is the National spokesperson for Crohn's and Colitis Foundation.

Peter is the author of several books including Growing up Strong, Will of Iron and Guide to a Healthier Life. For more than 15 years Peter Nielsen has hosted the nationally syndicated health, fitness and lifestyle television and radio series, Peter's Principles, which is now syndicated in over 200 stations across the country.