WELCOME :-) This group is for selling everything but baby & kids' items and animals.
NO baby & kids posts we have "Mums selling in bury st edmunds" for that!

PLEASE keep it friendly and no bitching.
When buying and selling we suggest exchanging numbers that way no shows are prevented.

PLEASE add a price to your post, no offers please. If you are not sure how much you want for something put a price then add 'ono'.

PLEASE bump posts twice a day am & pm
5 posts at one time or place in an album.
If you cant bump ask a member of the Admin team and they will bump for you :)

When an item is sold please put SOLD or SSTC under the item so others can see it has gone and then delete photo/album once collected.

Own BUSINESS advertising is subject to Admin approval. Please ASK before posting for the first time. You will be allowed to post ONCE a week only and no bumping inbetween! This means no bumping throughout the week you have posted. The following week you are welcome to bump your original post

Kerry Swann
Victoria Whitwell
Anya Banham Pratt
Francesca Bird