Families with Children from Jiangxi China

This group is for anyone who has adopted a child, is an adopted child, or a sibling of a child from the Jiangxi province in the PRC. ALL ORPHANAGES WELCOME! We are not an orphanage specific group. Those who are waiting on their child to come home are welcome to join as well. All that I ask is that you have accepted the referral before joining the group. To protect the privacy of our members please send me, Taylor, a message with the orphanage your child/sibling is from or if you are an adopted child the orphanage you resided at in Jiangxi. If I am unable to send you a message or you do not respond to a message within two weeks your request to join will be deleted.

Please refrain from soliciting (you will be removed and blocked). This group should be a place where we can share about our little ones from Jiangxi. If you are in the process of still bringing home your little one there is a list in the files where you can place any fundraiser you are currently holding, you may post it in the news feed and bump it up once a week as well. If you are doing a fundraiser for an orphanage in Jiangxi feel free to post it in the news feed and the document so everyone can see it. It is understood that fundraising is a touchy subject in the adoption world, but I ask that everyone whether you are for or against it to show respect in your posting. Those who choose to be disrespectful will be removed from this group.

There is also an advocacy file for everyone to place the information of children waiting for families in Jiangxi. Everyone is welcome to add to this. I ask that you post the waiting children's information there rather than the group wall. You may post a picture, if allowed, or have families contact you.