Ferguson: Reinforcements Are on The Way!

Our Demands:

1. "African community control of police! Not federal control!

2. The immediate removal of the occupation (national guard and police)

3. Immediate arrest, indictment and imprisonment of Darren Wilson, the pig who killed Michael Brown

4. Reparations to Michael Brown's family and the African community.

5. Release of all those imprisoned during rebellions.

Since the police execution of unarmed 18 year old black male, Michael Brown, in the suburbs of Ferguson, MO - the people have taken to the streets in righteous rebellion against the police violence that plague their communities.

Social media has provided us all with eyes and ears on the ground which deepens our understanding of how significant this moment is. We stand in complete, unquestionable, uncompromising solidarity with the people of Ferguson and their right to resist.

We stand in complete, unequivocal solidarity with any community of oppressed people who resist the colonial occupation of their communities and recognize that the only way to end the systematic killings of our people will be through organizing a struggle for the liberation.

This group is for people who 100% support this righteous resistance. We don't want anyone here that has conditions on support (ie. I support but...) No! We support Period. We are here to organize and build upon the initiative sparked by this rebellion and ensure that strategies we've seen are extended beyond this battle but to everywhere we are.