JOIN THIS GROUP TO HELP FIND THE UK LOTTERY WINNER IN HITCHEN/STEVENAGE. I aim to petition Camelot to make more of an effort to identify the winner of the unclaimed £63m. Camelot (the lottery operator) recently determined that a dishonest shopkeeper stole a ticket bought by an elderly couple. Camelot worked this out after tracing exactly where the ticket was purchased through a unique number each...ticket is assigned with. They then asked the shop owner for CCTV footage and confirmed that it was in fact an elderly couple that bought the ticket. They could use a similar method to atleast trace the shop where the winning ticket was bought. They could then ask the shopkeeper to view CCTV and see if they recognise the purchaser of the ticket. I THINK LOTTERY PLAYERS SHOULD STAND SHOULDER TO SHOULDER TO ENSURE THE LOTTERY OPERATOR DOES EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO FIND THE WINNER.