How i view Kenyan Women;After seeing the positive and stereotypes of Kenyan Women, I decided to create a group dedicated to my beloved Women in hopes of changing the misconceptions held by many. I am a Woman of course, proudly Kenyan. I am a God-fearing, ambitious, curious, passionate, and a lover of life. I take no credit for much of the material on my group. I post anything and everything that has to do with uplifting a woman. I believe all Women have the same VIEWS in seeing their respective tribe striving to reach their full potential. In doing so, i also end up showing the rest of the world how blessed our women are and the BEAUTY of being a Kenyan woman. I hope you leave my group with a sense of appreciation and a new outlook. Thanks for your time, be blessed and be a blessings.

"It is my belief that unless we Kenyan women can tell our own story within context and encourage one another in times of difficulty show others who have not been in around us before, they will continue to throw their hands up in despair believing that our land is full of unqualified women . The only way all tribes can understand and treat us seriously is to hear the VOICE OF WOMEN story first hand from the Kenyan perspective rather than the usual version - so why not take the risk if that can help turn things around for our TRIBES".