Created this group for the love of cats, all cats, any cat...s, but JUST cats, NO other animals allowed. We can talk about them, post our own cats, put up funny postings, and generally
have a good cat time.

1) Please no death row posts, or my cat died, my cat is sick, etc. there is other groups that accommodate that, but we are not one of them.
2) GoFundMe, YouCaring or similar sites are not allowed
3) No Petitions are allowed
4) ADOPTION POSTS are not allowed in this group
5) This is not a dating site so do not use it as one. If you like someone take it to private messages or they will be deleted
6) Contact any admin if you have a question, the names of the admins are posted in the FILES section at top of the page.
7) Please do not ask for medical advice in group, asking for vet recommendations are ok, but due to the fact we want to stay HAPPY please do not post you have a sick cat and ask for help
9) DO NOT advertise other groups or pages
10) If you have any of the Admin blocked for some reason, you will be removed from the group when it comes to our attention.
11) Although this not an "ADULT" group, there will be some swear words occasionally in the Meme's and some possible sexual innuendo's so please be aware of that.
12)NO CONTEST posts are allowed
13)NO posts regarding cats that have been found hurt or sick and then found good homes as these are sad and a lot of members don't like them
14) NO selling of any goods what so ever to members
15) NO harvesting of our members, whether in a post or in a PM, if we find out you are, you will be banned immediately
16) We are a closed group, you cannot tag people who are not members in a post because they cannot see it, that is part of the closed groups features. If you tag people we will delete the tag because it is a nuisance in the comments
17) We have zero tolerance for rudeness, harassment, or bullying

We have a lot of posting in our group so if you don't like all the notifications we suggest you turn off notifications for the group, and just come to the group to view postings.