Being Human

Every religion teach us to love and respect each and every livin...g thing. No religion teach us to hate others. Then why we are fighting on name of caste, religion,race, colour of skin, language,gender,state,country. We all are equal. Humanity should be our sole religion. Humanity means - if someone needs our help, help him or her irrespective of any other thing.

Our MOTHER EARTH don't need geniuses, scientists, politicians but need good human beings.
Try to plant trees on good personal occassions.
We don't have any other planet. So save MOTHER EARTH.
The moment we start thinking of country [or state], we separate ourselves from rest. We try to protect ourselves from rest and start making weapons.
What these weapons do?
These do nothing except killing innocent or a person[soldier], whom we have never seen, never met,who has never done bad to usor hurt us. Then why to kill them.
We don't have any bad feeling for Chinese people but against China,we have many complaints. We want to kill Chinese on name of our country. Murder of humanity is not PATRIOTISM.
Same is right for Chinese also. They don't hate Indians but country India.
Don't spread hatredness, spread PEACE AND LOVE.