CMUSchoolofArt Andrew Johnson Drawing Class 2012

hey guys look at all of us. aren't we all so pretty, I sure think so. The assortment of our faces make me really happy and feel like we are so close. we are so close, and art friends for life right? sometimes when i look at this picture i wish i could kiss all of you pretty boys and girls because you all surely do deserve it. fun times right? outrageous fun. I can't wait to spend our futures together, because we will unite as one and defeat anything that opposes our harmony. Blessed we are to have one another, however i feel that andrew doesn't want to be our best friend, and everyones knows that best friends are what it's all about. I can't stop looking at this photo and noticing how close our faces are together. what if I actually did have three heads, fun times right? Well, I guess we can continue this conversation later on tomorrow. I can't wait to see you all, because your all I ever want to see