Airsoft Ireland Market

A place to ask technical questions, book upgrades, buy, sell or trade your old equipment but with sound moderators.

This group is mean't to be a one stop shop for all your airsoft needs.

Our current group gun tech is Dmitrij Karpovich but again if you can meet the minimum standards for this position and wish to join Dimitrij please contact him via facebook pm.

* Rules*
* The muzzle velocity of all devices must be listed CLEARLY.

* Devices firing over 1 joule of energy can not be sold, traded, given away or even mentioned in this group.

* No wanted adds, call your local retailer.

* No items restricted by Irish law e.g. Irish DPM, Pyrotechnics e.t.c.

* It is fine if you wish to barter via pm but please ensure you post sold on your add once a deal is struck.

* Keep all posts on topic - ish (We don't mind a bit of banter).

* No commercial selling unless authorised by the admin team, this includes individuals who have bought a few items to re-sell.

* No interest tests / price checks - you are either selling the item or not.

* No "bumping" - posting things just to keep your thread on top (no deleting your add and posting another to keep it on top either). If this is done your add will be deleted and if it persists you could be banned from the group.

* No advertising as a gun tech unless you are qualified, Can provide a warranty and have the stock needed to provide such a service. Please contact the admin team to gain permission to do so.

* No linking to exterior websites, you must post your own pictures and description of the item including;

How old it is, any modifications, downgrades/upgrades, the fps (if it is an airsoft device), make, and any issues there may be.

* Try to use the following format when posting ads;

o Model:

o Manufacturer:

o Muzzle Velocity:

o Asking price:

o Other Information:

* No sexism, racism, ageism or any other ism, no aggression, threats or any other form of anti social behaviour.

* No soliciting any site, retailer, gun tech or any other commercial interest within airsoft without prior permission.

* When asking questions, once you've received an answer if you require further info please try and bring it to pm.

* No bad mouthing any site, retailer, gun tech or individual on this group, if you have an issue bring it to the person/entity.