Nollywood Actors/Actress Association of Nigeria Eastern Region.

Here are the rules and regulations to be
followed by any member of this group.
1. On no account should any one use any act of racial abuse on any member of this group.
2. No act of sexual discrimination of any kind will be tolerated in this group from any of it's member.
3. Only posts related to auditions, nollywood movies, actors and actresses, advices, information,
about nolly wood in general are allowed to be posted on this group by it's members.
4. No nude picture or videos should be uploaded by any member of this group.
5. No fraudulent or scam posts is allowed to be posted on dis group by any of it's
6. No member is allowed to give
any false information of any one on this group.
7. All members of this group must
follow the codes and conduct of the facebook users terms nd condition.
<<Offenders of this law will be permanently up-ted out of this and unconditionally blocked from having access to the group>>.
Thanks for your understanding in
anticipation to your patronage. signed Don-Vic(chief Admin) and Mr. Solomon Francis E.N. (Admin)